During the official Pre-Sale phase, here at BRIC INVEST you can order AIM Tokens with a 20% Crowd Sale Bonus PLUS an exclusive 5% new customer premium! This means you will receive 10.41 Tokens per each USD invested!

Please make your binding order via the following form. We will process your order immediately and send you your invoice PDF.

Upon receival of your invoice you pay for your purchase in USD stating the invoice number we have provided.

How does your purchase actually work?

It's easy – first, register yourself as a buyer, using the form below. Be sure to upload a scan or a photo of your valid ID or passport!

After receiving your registration, we will process it immediately and send you an invoice as a PDF. In this PDF you will also find the invoice number, which you have to enter in the purpose-field of your money-transfer--only this way we can assign your payment correctly and ensure smooth payment of the AIM tokens you have acquired (plus 20% Crowd-Sale bonus AND an exclusive 5% premium for new customers) into your Wallet.

Please provide your wallet ID so we can transfer your Tokens into your walled on release day. If you haven't set up a wallet yet, don't worry. You can inform us about your wallet ID until september 5 2018 per e-mail. Please refer to your invoice number when sending this e-mail.

To avoid currency fluctuations your order can only be paid in USD. You will find the applicable payment methods in your invoice, which you will receive after we have received your purchase order.

The tokens you have acquired will be transferred into your wallet on the day of the official ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on september 5 2018.


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