General terms of business



    BRIC HOLDING – BRIC HOLDING SE, residing at Klimentská 1746/52, Nové Město, Praha 1, ID no. 04581580, registered by Municipal Court in Prague in section H, insert 1661, a company incorporated and registered under the law of the Czech Republic.

    Client – a natural or legal person whose invoice is issued by BRIC HOLDING

    AIM – the cryptocurrency that is distributed through website www.bric-holding.com and has not been listed on public markets yet.

    TOKEN – the AIM cryptocurrency unit.


    The contract between BRIC HOLDING and the Client is concluded at the moment of payment of the entire amount stated in the invoice issued by BRIC HOLDING. Payment meansthat the whole amount is credited to the BRIC HOLDING‘s bank account under the payment reference number which is specified in the invoice. The payment could be done by transfer to a bank account or by PayPal.


    1. The Client is interested in BRIC HOLDING to provide him the AIM cryptocurrency (which is currently not publicly tradable) in the amount (amount of TOKENs) indicated in the invoice.

    2. BRIC HOLDING undertakes to provide the Client AIM TOKENs in amount indicated in the invoice. BRIC HOLDING is also obligated to provide to the Client a bonus to purchase this cryptocurrency. The price of AIM has been negotiated between BRIC HOLDING and the Client as a 0,12 USD for 1 TOKEN of the AIM cryptocurrency. The client acknowledges and agrees that the AIM is not publicly tradable yet and that from side BRIC HOLDING will be provided this cryptocurrency to the Client after the pre-sale of this cryptocurrency, which ends on 26th June 2018. The minimum trade volume is 100 TOKENs. If the Client buys TOKENs until the official pre-sale ends (26th June 2018) the company will provide the Client with a bonus – for every 0,12 USD paid, BRIC HOLDING will provide the Client with 1,25 TOKENs. Expected, but not binding, transfer date of the TOKENs to the Client is on 25th September 2018, TOKENs of the AIM will be transfered to the Client’s electronic wallet. For this purpose, the Client is obligated to provide to BRIC HOLDING ID of the eletronic wallet to which he wants to transfer the TOKENs.

    3. BRIC HOLDING reserves the privilige to cancel the Client’s order without giving any reason. In this case, the amount paid by the Client will be returned by BRIC HOLDING to the bank account from which it was paid.

    4. BRIC HOLDING fulfills his obligations in case, that he will provide (to his own account) agreed amount of tokens and this tokens will be provided to the Client. It means that BRIC HOLDING is not an agent, but Client will receive agreed amount of tokens directly from the BRIC HOLDING.

    5. After entering into the contract (payment the invoice) is client not allowed to terminate the contract or ask BRIC HOLDING for pay back payed money. The only case, when is client allowed to ask BRIC HOLDING for refunding money is situation, when BRIC HOLDING does not provide agreed amount of redBux Tokens or in case, when the contract will be cancelled from side of BRIC HOLDING via procedure according 3.C.

    6. BRIC HOLDING works with personal data of clients according Act. No 101/2000 Coll., Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 and other directly applicable legal rules.

    7. Client confirms that:

      1. He has permanent residence (in case of natural person) or is seated ( in case of company) in countries where purchase or sell of cryptocurrencies is allowed and from legal point of view there is no obstacle to enter into this contract;

      2. In case that the client is a natural person he confirms that he is at least 18 years of age old;

      3. Money used for purchase the cryptocurrency AIM are from legal sources;

      4. He does not purchase cryptocurrency AIM to launder money or to finance terrorism;

      5. Client knows that obligation of BRIC HOLDING is only to provide agreed amount of tokens AIM. BRIC HOLDING is not responsible for market price purchased BRIC HOLDING tokens in moment when the tokens will be provided to client. The only obligation of company is to provide agreed amount of this cryptocurrency;

      6. Client knows, that cryptocurrencies are autonomous and huge unregulated world‘s systems, special nets of companies and natural persons. People which purchase or sell cryptocurrencies trust in digital decentralised and partly anonym system, addicted to P2P net and cryptography. Trust in cryptocurrencies could be terminated for example in moment of unexpectable software development, government regulations, developing of cryptocurrencies with better features, and so on. Confidence could be lost also because of loss or theft of cryptocurrencies or in case, that governments or hackers will be able to interrupt proces of transactions . There could be also discovered next risk unpredictable in this General terms and conditions.

      7. Client confirms that before he entered into the contract he responsibily judged his own financial situation, judged the risk of purchase AIM and he fully knows, how speculative the transaction is.

    8. Client is not allowed to hand over any claims against the AIM on a third person.


    1. The relationship between BRIC HOLDING and the Client is leading by law system of Czech republic.

    2. All disputes between BRIC HOLDING and the Client will be judged by BRIC HOLDING’s common court.

    3. If a part of these General terms or conditions becomes invalid, unenforceable or will not be considered, this legal defect of validity or enforceability does not touch remaining provisions of the rest of these General terms and conditons.

    4. This General terms and conditions is written in Czech, English and German language mutation, English language mutation is leading.